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July 23, 2018

The Women’s Clinic is committed to caring for women in all stages of life. We are excited to announce that Roxanne Slayden, PA, has passed the North American Menopause Society exam, designating her as a Certified Menopause Practitioner. Roxanne is a Physician Assistant who has been practicing at the Women’s Clinic for eight years and has worked closely with Dr. Bev Donnelly who specialized in gynecology, hormone therapy, and menopause. After Dr. Donnelly’s retirement in 2018, Roxanne was inspired to continue Dr. Donnelly’s commitment to caring for menopausal patients. As a married mother of two teenage boys, Roxanne brings her own expertise and relatable style to caring for the unique needs of women approaching menopause. Her certification shows her continuing commitment to staying abreast of the latest research and therapy options and providing her patients with options that fit their goals for treatment.

For many women menopause brings changes: some welcome, some surprising, and some symptoms that are just unpleasant. Roxanne has a warm and thoughtful approach and acknowledges that the first step is hearing her patients’ needs. Her appointments focus on the physical and emotional aspects of menopause and provide both guidance and compassion. Roxanne feels that just reassuring women that “their symptoms are a completely normal phase of life,” validates their experience and lessens the concerns they have about what they are experiencing, especially when those emotions feel out of character.

Roxanne believes that the starting point for treatment is to first discuss the broad range of alternatives for managing symptoms. “Hormones are certainly not the only way to treat symptoms or the first choice for many women.” She encourages her patients to prepare for their initial appointment by noting their family history, symptoms, tracking their menstrual cycle and writing their questions down. “A woman will live one-third of her life in menopause,” Roxanne says, “and we better know how to care for those people.”

To read more about Roxanne Slayden, PA, or any of our experienced menopause providers, request an appointment or learn more about managing menopause please visit our website or call 970-493-7442.

About the Author:
Jennifer Hoover is a maternal-child health specialist, board certified lactation consultant, childbirth educator and writer for The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado.

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