Toy Drive for Children’s Hospital

November 15, 2019

This year The Women’s Clinic is supporting a request from one of our dear employee’s Trista Caster who works in the ultrasound department. Trista’s daughter Mady was diagnosed with a brain tumor and has spent much of the year being treated at Children’s Hospital in Denver. Mady has asked that her community pay forward the kindness she received during her hospitalization. Trista and Mady’s story is below in her own words. The offices of The Women’s Clinic will be accepting donations and a complete list of requested items can be found here.

 On June 18, 2019 our sweet Mady Pie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Because of the location of the tumor  on her brain stem we are unable to remove or biopsy it. Her team of doctors believe it to be a grade 2 tectal glioma because of the way it presented and the location. Although they are rare, they tend to be slow growing and non-aggressive. She had an ETV procedure on June 24th to correct the hydrocephalus the tumor was causing. We’ve since found out that her procedure worked well. As of right now she has multiple providers and they are all extremely optimistic for her long term prognosis. Her neuro-oncologist has recommended that we keep following her with routine MRIs.  If and when the tumor ever begins to change we change our care plan and talk about more aggressive treatments. We have been surrounded by SO many incredible people who have shown up for us during the darkest time of our life. They’ve brought meals, they visited Mady in the hospital, they’ve made sure Tanner was taken care of, sent care packages full of things to keep Mady busy while she was in the hospital, and lifted our family in prayer. We have been blessed beyond measure and we know not all families outcomes are as good as ours. We don’t share this looking for attention but rather to help raise awareness for childhood brain tumors and to bring attention to your local children’s hospitals. They are in constant need of volunteers, blood via blood drives, and toys!!! Which leads me to my next point. Because Mady received so many gifts while she was inpatient, she wants to pay it forward. We have started our first annual toy drive to benefit the children at Children’s Hospital Colorado. The gifts she received helped normalize her hospital stay and keep her mind off of everything going on around her. Please help share so we can get as many toys as possible donated. Our drop off locations include: TopCo Realty in Johnstown, The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado (Loveland or Fort Collins locations) and Pioneer Ridge Elementary School.

Toy Drive 2019

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