June 26, 2017

Having a baby is life’s most beautiful miracle, and we are pleased that you have chosen us to care for you and share in this joyful event. We are completely committed to the highest quality of care for you and your baby during this special time.

The staff of the Fort Collins Women’s Clinic shares two important goals:

1. Safe, specialized care that results in a healthy mother and baby
2. A birth experience that is pleasant, emotionally satisfying, and tailored to meet individual needs

The education of you, the parent, lays the foundation for achieving these goals. Preparing in advance for this significant event will enable you to make important, well-informed decisions about your personal care and individualized birth experience. The educational process has a three-fold approach.

Intellectual—We will help you and your coach gain knowledge and understanding about pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum phase.

Emotional—We will help to create an atmosphere in which you and your coach can achieve

  • a positive attitude toward pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum;
  • self-confidence in coping with the birth process and this new beginning;
  • successful cooperation and shared participation in this special experience.


Physical—We will help you and your baby maintain optimum health, safety, and comfort during this childbearing year by

  • providing safe, professional care throughout your pregnancy and postpartum phase;
  • making specific recommendations for taking proper care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy;
  • teaching you techniques in relaxation, breathing patterns, exercise, and massage to prepare you for childbirth.


This book, a variety of prenatal classes, and your clinic visits will facilitate your education. Our intent is that this book will provide you with factual information and realistic expectations for the childbearing year. We hope it will also enhance your understanding of our philosophy of prenatal care and childbirth.

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