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Genius 3D™ Mammography

Each Year, 40,000 Women Die from Breast Cancers. What If That Number Was 0?
That would be Genius.

Introducing Genius 3D™ Mammography, the world’s most advanced imaging technology. Clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers at an earlier stage. The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado currently offers both 2D and 3D Genius Hologic digital mammograms performed by our registered technologists.

Our mammogram suites in both Fort Collins and Loveland are designed with complete privacy in mind. Personal attention is given to each patient, including a “softer touch” foam pad for those individuals who are especially sensitive to compression. We strive to make your experience one of the very best possible and because we respect that your time is valuable, we are able, in most cases, to accommodate the performance of your annual wellness exam and mammogram at the same visit.

Mammography is considered the “Gold Standard” of diagnostic tests for the early detection of breast cancer

We offer routine screening, 4 view mammograms for patients of the Women’s Clinic as well as those who see a provider outside our clinic. Screening patients should not have symptoms, lumps, size, shape or color change in either breast. Patients with symptoms will be sent to another facility for a diagnostic exam under the guidance of a site-based Radiologist.

We currently offer the latest FDA approved technology from Hologic, the pioneer in 3D “Tomosynthisis” imaging. During a 3D exam you can expect the same positioning, compression and suspension of breathing as the tube sweeps across the breast in an arch. The exam takes approximately 4 seconds longer per view, capturing several images in 1mm slices of each breast. 3D mammography allows the radiologist to see deep within the breast in greater detail to facilitate early cancer detection. The radiation produced from the increase in images is slightly more than a conventional 4 view digital exam and considered to be very safe according to FDA standards.

Who should get 3D imaging?
Any woman who needs screening mammography, especially women with dense breast tissue for a clearer picture. 3D will greatly reduce false positive results, while providing increased early detection of breast cancer when it is highly treatable. Tomosynthisis is Mammography, only better!

Are there any additional costs?
Currently Medicare and one or more insurers will cover the additional expense for a 3D mammogram with more expected to participate in the coming months. We encourage you to check with your insurer for your plan details. Be sure to research “Screening Mammogram”

The Women’s Clinic is committed to helping reduce out of pocket expenses for our patients and if your bill is paid at time of service, a 25% discount will be applied.

The Radiology group, Advanced Medical Imaging Consultants, (AMIC) will bill you directly for their professional reading fee, an amount above what is charged for 2D due to the additional time necessary to read the 3D study.