“Kind and helpful lactation consultant with lots of info and encouragement!”

-Rebekah B

“The service is great and the midwives are amazing!”

-Kara G

“The class moved smoothly, my questions were answered, and I learned about stuff I didn’t know was a thing!”

-Chase L

“I enjoyed having the input from experienced fathers and the instructor was very professional. It was a great experience.”

-Zackery R

“This facility is the best there is. They saved my son’s life as well as my own. When I had a freak accident they listened to my concerns and in turn saved my life. I will wait I will pay whatever they want for these doctors and nurses. My only not even complaint is that I can’t find a list of the insurance they except on the website other than that wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

-Shannon T.

“Everyone is so nice and it is an easy fun place to be.”

-Morgan S

“The Sibling Preparation Class was great. The teacher was amazing and the content was relevant to our children.”

-Kelly B

“Daddy boot camp was very helpful!”

-Mark D

“Started with Dr. Ludwin who has since retired. I still find the same genuine care seeing the other new doctors at this clinic. Wait times are minimal. Scheduling is easy due to the several doctors they have available. No complaints.”

-Julie S.

“I highly recommend this clinic! After moving here seven years ago I was so happy to have found Roxanne Slayden, she gives a thorough exam, even looking between my toes :-) Roxanne makes eye contact and really listens to what I say, she takes such good care of me. I have referred many people to the clinic because Roxanne has helped me so much with my hormone imbalance.. Everyone loves her :-)
I might add, Pat does the mammography and she’s awesome! Its so nice to be with someone who has experience and makes you feel comfortable. Women’s Clinic is a great place!”

-Charity S.

“My visit here was the easiest and best experience I’ve had at the Doctor’s. The front staff were very helpful and were careful to make sure they had accurate information, and the Physicians Assistant who did my exam, Abbey Seufer, was warm and welcoming when she walked in the room and did the exam quickly, yet she was very kind.”

-Trish P.

“My wife goes to WCNC. She always has a great experience.”

-Peter H

“I really like Dr Bare. Very knowledgeable.”

-Lisa P

“Dr. Reeve and her team are absolutely amazing!”

-Heidi W

“I have seen Dr. Vance for about two years now and she will be my doctor for our current pregnancy also. Dr. Vance delivered my daughter via C-Section in 2014 and performed another surgery for me this year. She is kind, caring, and has an abundance of knowledge in her field. I also enjoy ALL of the staff from the receptionists to the ultrasound technicians, everyone has been courteous and timely in my time with the clinic. Additionally, I feel that they go above and beyond with patients as I have experienced this myself. I can’t imagine using any other clinic and continue to drive an hour for every appointment because of my experience.”

-Krystle M.

“Nice facility and good experiences with the staff and services both times I have been there.”

-Andy B

“The people are really nice and helpful. The woman who does the blood draws is one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met. I’ve never gotten my blood drawn before and she calmed my nerves and it didn’t hurt too bad. Really appreciate everything they do there.”

-Lexi C.

From schedulers to nurses to doctors, everyone is so kind and patient and makes you feel fully supported.

-Natalie C

“I have been a patient here for over 15 years and have had 2 pregnancies with the Docs here. They are kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. The staff is great too. I have seen most of the Doctors and PA’s and have always felt confident with the high level of care I have received.”

-Cherie G.

“Always thorough, fast and empathetic.”

-Kim J

“Good comprehensive class – thanks!”

-Maria P

“Great staff and I love that the lab, ultrasound, and OB visits can all be done during the same appointment.”

-Megan L

“This is our first baby. Your clinic was recommended to us by friends and coworkers. The knowledgeable staff and doctors have been able to explain all the issues and put us at ease regarding all of the problems that have arose during our pregnancy.”

-Christine T

“The workshop we took (Dogs and Babes) was very informative. There is a lot we will be taking from the class as we prepare for the arrival of our firstborn. Another thing we really enjoyed about the class is that our instructor asked us about the type of pet/breed we have at home and what our major concerns are, and took the time to address them. Thank you for providing snacks – you made a hungry pregnant woman very happy!”

-Olney N