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Colposcopy Treatment and Testing

Colposcopy Treatment in Fort Collins & Loveland

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You may have heard the word “colposcopy” before, but you may have some questions about it. Chief among them may be, “What is a colposcopy?” A colposcopy is a procedure that examines the cervix, vulva, and the wall of the vagina. It is normally preceded by a Pap test that yields abnormal results.

At The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado, we provide colposcopy services, including colposcopy treatment and colposcopy biopsy. Since 1965, we have been helping patients in Fort Collins and Loveland live healthier lives through top-tiered obstetric treatment. Our goal is to help you navigate your unique health concerns. Colposcopy is just one of the many medical procedures we specialize in. Call us today to learn how we can help you live a healthier life.

What You Need to Know About Colposcopy

There are certain things you need to know about this procedure even if your Pap tests are usually normal. Take a look at some of the most common colposcopy questions and answers from our professionals at The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado:

  • Who needs a colposcopy? – Any woman who has abnormal Pap tests or who exhibits moderate or severe cell changes will likely be referred for a colposcopy. You may also be referred for a colposcopy if you have recently tested positive for HPV.
  • Why is colposcopy recommended? – Colposcopy is usually recommended when abnormalities in cells have been detected. The procedure is carried out to ensure that the cervix and vaginal walls are normal. It is also used to diagnose genital warts, cervicitis, and to detect precancerous conditions.
  • Are there any risks with colposcopy? – The procedure itself is very routine and safe. Risks involved include heavy bleeding, infection, and pelvic pain, but these occurrences are very rare.
  • What happens after a colposcopy? – If no biopsy was needed, you won’t have any activity restrictions after the procedure. If a biopsy is required, you may experience vaginal or vulvar pain, light bleeding, and/or dark discharge. Light spotting is normal whether you require a biopsy or not.
  • How long does a colposcopy take? – The process takes 10-20 minutes, and the experience is similar to a Pap test or pelvic exam.
  • How do I prepare for a colposcopy? – It is usually recommended that you don’t schedule a colposcopy during your period, that you avoid intercourse for a few days before the procedure, don’t use vaginal medications, and don’t use tampons for a few days before the procedure. You may also be directed to take a pain reliever before the procedure. The Women’s Clinic offers Nitrous Oxide in clinic for any procedure that is potentially uncomfortable for our patients.

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At The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado, we know that colposcopy procedures can be stressful. We make it a point to do everything we can to put your mind at ease before, during, and after the procedure. We also use the latest technologies to ensure the most accurate results and to make the procedure as comfortable as possible for our patients. We have two convenient locations in Fort Collins and Loveland. Schedule your colposcopy procedure with us today!