Music For Birth

June 26, 2017

For those of you who enjoy it, music may be a pleasant and helpful addition to your birth preparation and delivery.

During pregnancy, choose your favorite music and play it as you do your exercises. You may also find it helpful to use it during your relaxation essions and breathing practice.

Bring your music to the hospital and play it during your labor and birth.

Music during childbirth helps to

  • bring an element of familiarity to a less familiar environment,
  • provide something to think about besides uterine contractions,
  • trigger positive feelings and memories,
  • remind you of your relaxation sessions,
  • encourage rhythmic breathing (some mothers time their breathing to the music),
  • block sounds from outside your room, which can be distracting and/or cause anxiety.

Some mothers later play the music used during pregnancy and labor for their babies at home after birth and find that this calms the baby.

Feel free to choose whatever music is enjoyable and relaxing for you.

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