The Hospital

June 26, 2017

The health care facility for your delivery is Poudre Valley Hospital, located at 1024 South Lemay. Several times a month, the Obstetric Department invites expectant parents to a Parents-To-Be Preview, a slide presentation and tour of the PVH Birth Center. In addition, they will describe their philosophy of family-centered maternity care. We urge you to attend this Preview about one month before you are due to deliver. Our office will provide you with pre-admission forms that should be completed and mailed or taken to the Admission Office of the hospital.

The labor and delivery area consists of several private birthing suites where you will labor, deliver, and recover. All of these suites are equipped with birthing beds and infant resuscitation equipment. There are also two high-risk rooms, two conventional delivery/operating rooms for cesarean sections and high-risk vaginal deliveries, and a two-bed recovery room. A large Jacuzzi-like tub is available for early labor and back discomfort.

The hospital staff shares our philosophy of a family-centered birth experience. A support person, or persons, of your choice may be with you at all times. Your children may attend the birth if you feel that they are mature enough for this to be a good experience for them. Young children need to have an adult, other than the labor coach, supervising them.

Although the hospital can supply most of your clothing and personal hygiene items, you will feel more comfortable if you bring your own. You will need a robe, slippers, gown, and a good supportive bra. The bra is recommended whether you nurse or use formula to feed your baby.

The hospital will provide sanitary pads, lotion, soap, tissues, and shower caps after your delivery. If you forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, or breast pads, these can be provided upon request.

You will also need a complete set of clothes for your baby to wear home.

Your arrival time will determine which entrance you should use at Poudre Valley Hospital. For specific instructions, please consult your information booklet from PVH.

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