Announcing the retirement of Lani Nielsen, CNM

August 13, 2020

Lani Nielsen retirementIt’s with great sadness that we say goodby to Lani Nielsen who has been a part of our CNM team for 16 years. Lani writes, “Although I am sure I will enjoy my freedom and carefree days, saying goodbye is very hard. I will miss you all, and miss my patients as well.”

Ordinarily we would send Lani off with a party, laughter and likely some tears but due to COVID-19 we’ll have to put that off until it is safe again. However, even though we can’t celebrate Lani in person we wish her the very best in her retirement and she’ll forever be a member of our Women’s Clinic family!

We asked Kristin Glenn our education and marketing director to write a personal note to send Lani off with, her heartfelt words are below.

“Have you ever met someone who exudes such benevolent grace that you just want to be in their presence in hopes that some of that grace will magically seep into your own persona?   That is how I always felt when I was with Lani Nielsen.  From the moment we met in 2004, when she joined the Women’s Clinic team as a Certified Nurse Midwife, I was drawn to her compassion for others and zest for living a full and authentic life.  As her co-worker, I witnessed Lani’s unyielding dedication to support others.  In 2005 I was honored to choose midwifery care and have Lani’s support during the birth of our fifth baby.   This birth experience ended with the distressing realization of an unexpected birth defect for our precious baby girl.  Lani handled the entire situation with her unique blend of professional skill and humanness.   She later sat on our hospital bed telling my husband and I, “Your baby is perfectly beautiful and this difference will just become part of who she is as a strong person in your family”.  Wise words from a wise woman!  This wise woman has recently had to make the tough decision to retire earlier than she had planned and leave her clinic family to focus on her true family. Lani is deeply missed during our day-to-day clinical interactions.  We wish her the very best as she kayaks, gardens and fully embraces all that she loves.”

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