Breastfeeding Class

This class will help you prepare for successful breastfeeding and is a great refresher if it’s been a while since your last baby.  Topics will include:

  • establishing a good milk supply
  • effective latch-on technique  integrating breastfeeding into your busy life
  • common problems (and how to avoid them)
  • preparing for pumping and bottle feeding
  • Tips for partner involvement and support

This information is already part of the curriculum (and cost) for the 4 week Childbirth and the B4 childbirth preparation classes but NOT the Express  or HypnoBabies class.   Partners are encouraged to attend along with moms-to-be and cost is per couple.

For private lactation appointments during your prenatal or postpartum time please call  our Lactation Consultant at 970-493-7442 ext 3951.