Happiest Baby with Baby Care

This class combines the Happiest Baby soothing techniques with the Baby Care Basics curriculum. The transition from pregnancy to parenthood can be magical, exciting, and difficult all at once. Though most of this journey will be guided by intuition and love, basic knowledge of your newborn baby such as newborn appearance, bathing, diapering, and safety will help ensure a smooth adjustment for all of you. Attendees will also learn the simple, effective and fun techniques to quickly soothe your baby’s cries and help your little one sleep longer designed by Dr. Harvey Karp’s (the 5s technique has been proven to reduce crying by up to 40%.) This class curriculum is designed specifically for soothing babies ages 0-4 months so attendance is best before your baby’s arrival. This class does not include the HBTB DVD.

Please note that beginning in January 2020 enrollments for this class can be found here, with updated curriculum under The Amazing Newborn.