Parenting Time Package

    • This 4 week series of classes is designed to offer support and guidance now that your baby is here!

Infant Massage: This class introduces parent(s) to using nurturing touch to feel closer to their babies, reduce baby’s colic and fussing, and become healthier and happier. This hands-on session teaches the best time to use massage, how to know when baby is ready, and asking baby’s permission so that both baby and parent benefit. One or both parents welcome with baby. Ideal for babies up from 5 weeks to 1 year of age.

Sleepy Time: Sleep can be elusive in the newborn period and is a common frustration for new parents. In this class you will learn about sleep through the different developmental stages of the newborn period and strategies for achieving quality sleep.

Baby Sign Language: Your baby has a lot to say, and with just a few simple signs, you can start communicating with your baby before he or she even starts to talk! Learn some tools and techniques to consider while using hand signals to encourage language with your child. This introductory course will cover the benefits, when to implement, and some baby friendly signs to use with your little one. Babies are welcome!

Baby Led Weaning: In this class you will learn the signs of readiness to begin solid foods and what to feed your growing baby. We will address common concerns, food allergies, and picky eaters!