Provider Spotlight: Dr. Nicole Roberson

May 21, 2020

Dr. Roberson is our Medical Director and has been orchestrating and managing the many policy and procedure changes that happened in the wake of COVID-19 and the subsequent quarantine. We have been fortunate at The Women’s Clinic to have been guided by her steady hand during this time of uncertainty and upheaval. But when Dr. Roberson isn’t at the helm steering our clinic steadily in the right direction she spent her downtime in quarantine a lot like the rest of us! Below is the transcript from a recent interview with a local radio station––a window into the quarantine life of a physician at The Women’s Clinic!

How have things changed, and what has been the biggest impact of the pandemic on your business?

Our office has been quieter for the past 8 weeks because there have been many restrictions on preventative exams and elective surgeries.  OF course, babies were still being born everyday and that part at least felt closer to normal and gave a bit of a pandemic break.  This week things are slowly picking up with physicals being done and elective surgeries.  One major impact of this pandemic time was we have been doing TeleHealth appointments.  They can be fun because it can become a full discussion with our patients.  Some of my patients were really chatty because they have been quarantined with their families and just were so excited to talk to a new person.  Our pregnant patients really liked the option too.  I believe many of the doctors and other providers believe there will still be a place for this Telehealth option post-pandemic.  We just really wanted to stay connected to our patents during this time and make sure they realized we are always here for them.

How do you keep spirits high at work?

I think every business is struggling with this- keeping staff connected is difficult right now.  We are a very social clinic. We like to acknowledge our employees with lunches and parties.  And obviously we can’t really do those things right now.  Last week we did have a little spontaneous BBQ on our roof top patio for the employees.  We all sat together in the sunshine at separate tables.  We will keep finding ways to boost spirits.

What is your favorite take out restaurant?

We haven’t done much take out.  We are doing Hello Fresh delivers to cook at home.  It’s great because there is tons of variety and the recipes are really good. It’s been great- there products are really good.  As long as you have a knife and can follow directions- you don’t have to be a gourmet cook- but then the meals tasted like you are.  SO that’s actually been our ‘go-to’.  There has also been the occasional domino pizza delivery.

What have you been binge watching during quarantine?

I’ve been watching The Last Dance- a documentary about the 1998 Chicago Bulls team.  It’s about the team’s dynasty of the 1990s.  I grew up an hour outside of Chicago- so I lived through this time with the Bulls.  I always had to watch the Bulls back then but since then I haven’t really watched much basketball.   And the other thing that I’m a little embarrassed to admit watching was Tiger King.  I mean I really did binge watch it- like all in one day.  Carol Baskin definitely killed her husband- she totally did it.

Share your favorite quote!

Eleanor Roosevelt  “I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday”

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