Provider Spotlight: Julie Homann, NP

June 30, 2020

This month our featured provider is Julie Homann,  a Nurse Practitioner in our Loveland office. Julie’s background is in family practice and she is at ease with women in all stages of life from babies to menopause and is a season nurse-practitioner, however her favorite aspect of women’s health care is managing contraceptive care and family planning. She particularly enjoys working with women who are just beginning their women’s health journey and educating them about their options. She describes taking the time to take a detailed history, including goals and needs into consideration when making a contraceptive decision. Acknowledging that young women can sometimes feel that sexual health conversations can be intimidating, Julie is a provider who is more than willing to open the dialogue around difficult conversations. Julie believes that patients deserve to have conversations about contraceptive and sexual health from a place of openness and non-judgement.

When I sat down to chat with Julie the thing that really struck me was her genuineness and gentle nature. Julie is the mother of two children with a self described “free range” parenting philosophy. She describes her home life with genuine affection, perhaps because she has made an effort to not live an over scheduled life. She’s more likely to send the kids out to ride their bikes than drive them to six after school activities. As a mother myself I appreciate her authenticity about her parenting style and find her immediately likeable. She’s exactly the kind of mom friend you’d like to have!

Julie loves the Colorado life and likes to camp, ski and play golf with her husband. Our interview took place prior to the pandemic but Julie kindly agreed to participated in our COVID Quarantine Questionnaire, a fun but unfortunate fixture of our times!
Julie is accepting new patients and practices in our Loveland office.
What you binge watch during the quarantine? (Did Carole do it?)
LOL! I do know what is referencing but must admit I have not watched “Tiger King.” I binged on “Ozarks” and “Grace and Frankie”
Who did you spent time with?
My kiddos – Bryce, age 11 and Bryn, 8 – hubby was home too but he was working during the day.
What did you cook, order or carry out?
I cooked everything – 3 meals a day for 13 days straight before I finally had to give in and order pizza from Roma’s. I didn’t mind cooking though – something to do and I find it therapeutic.
What did you learn about yourself or others?
That I cannot be a stay-at-home mom if I want my kids to like me! I also learned that 7th grade math is hard.
What did you miss most while staying home?
Spending time with our friends.
What did you learn you could live without?
Going out to eat.
What did you learn you CAN’T live without?
What hobbies/sports did you engage in or take up? Will you keep doing them as you get back to normal?
We were fortunate that our golf course stayed open and that the weather was nice. We went out a few times a week and it helped keep all of us sane.
Did your relationships with pets or kids change during the stay at home order and do they miss you now that work is back in full swing?
I think my dog was tired of all of us being at home… he likes his nap time. My kids were excited to have me go back to work so they could hang out with the babysitter.
What would you like to see more of in the world, and less of?
More family time and less chaos with kids schedules.
Be honest, how much toilet paper do you have stockpiled? 
I actually bought TP in February at Costco before all of this went down…still have enough for a few more months!
About the Author:
Jennifer Hoover is a maternal-child health specialist, board certified lactation consultant, childbirth educator and writer for The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado.
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