Genetic Counseling in Fort Collins & Loveland

Genetic Counseling

The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado is pleased to assist in coordinating genetic counseling services to families in northern Colorado. Genetic counseling services provide information and support to families affected by genetic disorders and birth defects, as well as families at risk for a variety of hereditary conditions. We connect families with a board certified genetic counselor that can provide patients with the essential information and counseling, enabling them to make choices that benefit their individual health and the health of their families.

Indications for referral for genetic counseling:

  • Counseling regarding personal or family history suggestive of a hereditary cancer syndrome (i.e. breast, ovarian, colon)
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Abnormal prenatal screen (i.e. maternal serum screening, first trimester screening)
  • Review abnormal ultrasound finding
  • Review of abnormal amniocentesis or chorionic villi sampling results
  • Teratogenic exposures during pregnancy
  • Family history of a birth defect, chromosome abnormality, inherited condition, mental retardation, or developmental delay
  • Preconception counseling regarding inherited diseases
  • Ethnic-based screening recommendations
  • Adult-onset genetic conditions
  • Education about genetic conditions and inheritance
  • Detailed family history evaluation
  • Risk assessment
  • Review of testing options and coordination of genetic testing
  • Case management including pre-test and post-test counseling
  • Referral to local or national support groups