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Cassandra Selby McCall


Fort Collins

As a child, I became obsessed with birth due to The Miracle of Life documentary. As in my Mom saying, “Honey, you need to stop making all of your friends watch that again!” I was in awe of what a woman’s body could do and I needed everyone to know about it!

This fascination evolved over the years and led me to pursue a career in nurse midwifery. I earned my BSN at St. Louis University in 2004, then worked as a labor & delivery nurse for 3 years in St. Louis, MO. I continued labor & delivery nursing for 3 years in Portland, OR while I completed my MS at Oregon Health & Science University in 2009.

I joined the Women’s Clinic in September 2010
where I enjoy supporting women and families as they navigate pregnancy, birth, & postpartum. I have a renewed (humbled) passion for the complexities of breastfeeding, pumping, and postpartum challenges since becoming a Mama in 2015. I was fortunate to have my midwife partners care for me throughout pregnancy, and Lani helped my husband Kyle catch our son Vaughn!
I am continuously astounded by the wild power and sacred beauty of each birth. I love supporting our families as they are born and grow!

Beyond perinatal care, I am especially passionate about female sexual fulfillment & dysfunction, and hereditary cancer syndromes.

I enjoy baking, singing, and making people laugh. I love spending time with my family and seeing the world anew thru Vaughn’s eyes.

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