Mindfulness Based Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding with Hospital Tour

A unique and holistic approach to childbirth preparation that will help parents develop a solution-focused mindset and learn coping techniques for the hard work and intensity of labor. Classes are designed to balance practical information with self-discovery and strive to cultivate mindfulness, creativity, and flexibility.
In class parents will:

  • Learn to approach birth as a rite of passage
  • Build confidence in self and partner
  • Communicate and build a collaborative relationship with care providers and hospital staff
  • Ask questions and make decisions in labor
  • Build a pain coping mindset
  • Use relaxation and visualization before and during labor
  • Explore your feelings, fears, and hopes for birth
  • Birth from within during a cesarean, while using pain medication or with medical support
  • Recover and plan postpartum
  • Care for and feed your newborn

This class meets for 2 and a half hours for five weeks. This class includes breastfeeding and hospital tour time.


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