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Breastfeeding Support Services

Lactation 970-493-7442 X3951

Call a lactation consultant if:

  • Baby does not wake to feed or mother is unsure of infant feeding cues.
  • Baby continues to lose weight beyond day 3 of life.
  • Mother is experiencing nipple pain, bruising, damage or breast pain.
  • Mother is concerned that she is not making enough milk.
  • Mother feels frustrated or wants to discontinue breastfeeding.
  • Mother is experiencing uncomfortable breast fullness or engorgement.
  • Mother with previous breast surgery.
  • Mother and baby have been discharged with a supplementation,3-step or other supplemental or pumping plan.

The Women’s Clinic Lactation Consulting provides:

  • Prenatal breastfeeding education.
  • Private prenatal consultations for mothers with special concerns.
  • Weekly breastfeeding support groups.
  • Private postnatal lactation counseling.
  • Continued support for babies discharged from the NICU.
  • Care for babies with special feeding needs.
  • Monthly pumping class.
  • Collaborative care with your ob/gyn provider.