Breastfeeding with Hospital Overview

This class will help you prepare for successful breastfeeding. Topics will include the physiology of breastfeeding, establishing a good milk supply and effective latch-on technique, selecting pumps, and integrating breastfeeding into your busy life.  In addition, this class will include information about the protocols at the local UCHealth hospitals (both MCR and PVH).  Currently there are no in-person tours available so class participants will receive a link for a virtual tour of both MCR and PVH to be viewed at after class.  This class is a perfect addition to the Fast Track childbirth class which does not include the breastfeeding/tour information. (The breastfeeding curriculum and tour are part of the 4 and 6-week childbirth prep classes) Support persons are encouraged to attend with moms to be. Call 493-7442 ext. 7966 with any questions.