How A Lactation Consultant Can Help With Breastfeeding

Our Lactation Consultants Can Help With Breastfeeding

A lactation consultant is the secret for many new moms trying to breastfeed. They help not only new moms in their breastfeeding efforts but also provide prenatal education. At The Women’s Clinic of Northern Colorado, we provide new moms experienced lactation consultants, certified as International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. A lactation consultant can help with breastfeeding when you have pain when latching, an inadequate milk supply, have trouble finding the best nursing positions, have marathon breastfeeding sessions, and have postpartum depression. We can also help if your baby is falling asleep while breastfeeding, refusing to latch, or has trouble hitting their weight milestones. We’re here to help you during every part of your breastfeeding journey.

Knowing When To Contact A Lactation Consultant

You don’t have to wait to find out if there are any issues before contacting a lactation consultant. It’s great to call when you’re expecting, so they can mentally and physically prepare you. Your lactation consultant will help you practice positions and offer tips about your breast pump or other common breastfeeding issues. If your baby is premature or has neurological or physical disabilities, your consultant is trained with extremely helpful guidance. After your baby is born, contact a lactation consultant if you have any breastfeeding problems. They’ll help you get past any issues and on the way to feeding your baby easily.

Your Ideal Lactation Consultants Goals

It is important to feel comfortable and open with your lactation consultant. Don’t ever hesitate to share your concerns. They are there to help you through one of the most vulnerable stages of your life. Your ideal lactation consultant should:

  • Help you feel comfortable
  • Offer their expertise
  • Maintain your privacy
  • Examine your baby to ensure proper sucking and breathing
  • Help your positioning
  • Keep guiding you through the process

What To Expect During A Lactation Consultation

Some breastfeeding issues can be solved in one visit and others are more complex and may require additional visits.  It is helpful to follow the lactation consultant’s advice and try not to feel embarrassed or hopeless over your breastfeeding journey. In addition it’s essential to ask your consultant about formula-feeding and supplementation. Understandably, you may need to decide not to breastfeed, and your lactation consultant should be able to help you stop breastfeeding and offer support and guidance through the process. Always disclose any concern or question. Your lactation consultant may not be a doctor, but they can help you with their knowledge. You should tell them all parts of your lifestyle that may affect your milk supply. This can include sleep habits, diet and exercise, personality issues, and medications. They will keep in contact with you to ensure breastfeeding is going well. Your lactation consultant can also help you find support groups to help when you feel down about breastfeeding. We’re all in this together!

Contact Us for Additional Guidance on Breastfeeding

It’s important as a new mom to have support as you overcome new challenges. Whether it’s your first baby or you have had many other babies, we understand each child is different. At The Women’s Clinic, we are here to help you on your breastfeeding journey. We’ll provide advice, attention, and care for your every need. Please reach out to us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

For additional questions specific to lactation services please contact Jen Hoover IBCLC directly at 970-493-7442 x3951