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Jenna Jutten


Fort Collins

I first knew I wanted to be a midwife in college when I saw a documentary about midwives for one of my classes. I began researching anything I could get my hands on about birth and caring for birthing people. I love science and people; this seemed like the perfect blend. I graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center with my nursing degree in 2015, and began working as an OB nurse in a rural hospital. I fell in love with caring for families before, during, and after birth. I developed a deep respect for physiologic birth and the power that birthing people possess. I moved to Colorado in 2019 and had my daughter shortly thereafter, furthering my passion for midwifery. I gained my Masters of Science in Nursing and Midwifery from Frontier Nursing University in 2021. I was fortunate enough to complete my clinical rotation at WCNC and grew to love the staff and patients here.

My philosophy of care centers around shared decision making, inclusivity, and partnership. My goal is to bring my patients’ values together with evidence-based medicine to reach decisions. I work to stay educated on how to better care for marginalized communities and those who do not fit the binary. In addition to working with pregnancy and birth, I enjoy talking about birth control options, fertility, STI prevention, and well-person care. I am very excited to begin my career at WCNC!

In my free time I love to bake, sew, and read. My daughter and I love to spend time outside going on walks and exploring new places. We also love to spend time with our family in Nebraska. We have plans to adopt a cat (or two)!

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