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Meghan Drinane


Meghan is a Registered Nurse with Bachelor’s Degrees in Integrative Physiology and Nursing. Meghan began her healthcare career working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and eventually becoming a Registered Nurse following her love for empowering patients in the healthcare setting. For five years she has worked in her dream specialty as a Postpartum, Labor & Delivery nurse. She also has experience in the Neonatal ICU and Pediatrics. She holds a certification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring as well as all relevant certifications required as a Registered Nurse. Meghan enjoys the excitement and challenge of teaching and believes that knowledge leads to empowerment.  In her free time, she enjoys the simple things like a good meal, a beautiful Colorado sunset or game night with family and friends.

“When patients enter the hospital with basic knowledge of the physiology of labor they tend to feel less anxious. Labor and delivery is an exciting time and I feel honored to be part of that process. Postpartum is also special as parents bond with their little one and experience so many firsts!” -Meghan

Photo of Meghan Drinane
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