WCNC will be closing both offices at 3pm on Friday July 26th for a staff event

Frequently Asked Questions

    • We are currently operating during our normal business hours,  8-5pm Monday-Thursday and 8-4pm on Fridays. Telehealth appointments continue to be available to patients. Our Greeley office is now closed.


    • No current mask requirements

    • We protect your privacy by verifying you are the person that matches the chart since we will be discussing the information in that chart.  Sometimes the changes are subtle on an insurance card and we need to have the most current information available. Data entry mistakes can happen.  Errors in information may cause claims to not process or delay the process causing you undue stress.  We verify information in an effort to minimize the stress caused by accidental errors.

    • To verify your insurance information is current and correct.  We want to make sure that your claim is properly submitted.

    • This is just one of the ways the Women’s Clinic follows federal and state laws protecting against identity theft and fraud.