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Christine Snyder


Fort Collins

Dr. Christine Snyder has had a longstanding interest in medicine, serving the Army as a combat medic and surgical tech and then fully board certified Obstetrician Gynecologist.  She trained at the University of Missouri where she did research work on endometriosis, fetal scalp electrodes, and wrote a chapter for a maternal fetal medicine text book on recurrent pregnancy loss (miscarriage).  She was awarded the top 2 honors at graduation from her residency program including the Outstanding Resident Physician Award.

Being then stationed in Alaska with the Army, Dr. Snyder implemented a Mobile Obstetric Emergency Simulator training program and brought new surgical capabilities to the department including uterosacral vault suspension (for prolapse of the uterus) as well as total laparoscopic hysterectomy.  She also served as Chief of Obstetrics and then Chief of the Department of Women’s Health, over a team of 11 OB/Gyn providers.  During her time as Chief, she led the hospital in safely navigating a boom of births that lasted over 8 months of nearly double the hospital’s usual number of deliveries in the midst for federal budget cuts and sequestration.  This planning and implementation earned the hospital high praise from both the Joint Commission and Army-wide recognition from the Surgeon General, the 2013 Wolf Pack Award.  Dr. Snyder additionally served as Chief of Risk Management and intermittently as acting Deputy Chief of Clinical Services, as well as the key-note speaker for the Army’s Women’s History Month commemoration for the entire Army presence in Alaska.

She then moved to Colorado Springs in 2013, where she served as Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology for the Penrose/St Francis medical team and on the Medical Executive Committee from 12/2018-12/2020.  During her time as Chief, she was instrumental in committee work to formalize a salpingectomy protocol for ovarian cancer risk-reduction, helped with COVID pandemic contingency and staff planning for the department, achieved a decrease in number of elective early deliveries to abide by Joint Commission goals for hospitals, and worked to smooth practice group issues with a new hospitalist coverage system.  She also was invited to speak on preterm labor at the 2014 American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology CO Chapter’s annual meeting and served on committee for the state chapter for 2 years thereafter.

She met and married the love of her life in 2017, who is from Fort Collins, and is happy to be moving there in July 2022 to be closer to family and dear friends.  Dr. Snyder simply adores getting to see the beautiful mountains of Colorado every day.  Her hope is to make this her home for life and perhaps to become a part of yours, as well, as she cares for your OB/GYN medical needs.

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