Virtual Grandparenting

Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s most satisfying adventures. Within your children’s and grandchildren’s lives you play such a valuable role. The role a grandparent expects to play in their grandchildren’s lives may be different that what new parents desire. And it’s not always easy to communicate between generations when their experiences are so different. Grandparents have wisdom to share and new parents have been educated to care for babies differently than the previous generations. So how do you navigate this without leaving everyone feeling like they are misunderstood?

This class will help grandparents gain understanding of what has changed since your children were raised. We will cover a wide variety of topics and issues on the current practices and evidenced based information. You will learn strategies of how to pass on your wisdom to your children in a time when everything seems so different. Both grandparents and new parents will learn effective and positive ways to communicate and support each other while respecting each others wishes.

This interactive, one time class will give you tools to build understanding and strong relationships between new parents and their parents who might parent differently. Grandparents will leave with confidence in how to support their children with current best practices. New parents will leave with the ability to comfortably communicate between generations as they are launching into parenthood. This class is geared for new or expecting parents and their parent(s) or family members from a different generation. Families are encouraged to attend class together when possible, though not required.

This class meets via zoom.